As best as we have been able to learn, informal meetings of lake property owners began about 1972.  The first set of written Minutes we have of any meeting is dated August 21, 1976.  It appears that this is when the Association began holding annual general membership meetings.

Informal meetings of the residents and board members were first held at private homes on the lake.  Meetings then progressed to more public locations like the Eden Valley Sportsman’s Club, North Browns Lake Resort and the Eden Valley American Legion Hall.

Like most new lake associations, Board of Directors meetings were initially held on a need basis except for the scheduled annual general membership meeting.  As the association grew, not only in size but also in maturity, scheduled board meetings were established.  These meetings began with 2 a year and increased to its’ current 7 board meetings a year, plus the annual general membership meeting.  Meetings are currently held on a rotating basis at board members homes.

In 1993 the Association filed for incorporation and was approved under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 317A.  In 2006, at the annual general membership meeting the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws were updated and amended to meet the requirements of the federal statutes to apply for a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  In December 2009 this was approved by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

In 1967 there were only 9 cabin/homes on our lake.  In 1972 there approximately 36 cabin/homes and these residents laid the foundation of our association.  Today, with over 100 property owners, we have a well-organized lake association with over 60% of the residents being members, and participating with their support and time.  

The Association was originally established to maintain the ecological and environmental values of the lake, and continues that mission today.

North Browns Lake,  Minnesota
North Browns Lake,  Minnesota
North Browns Lake,  Minnesota